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If you love babywearing and so the kangaroo care, you can now buy the revolutionary Amarsupiel Chrysalis T-shirt, designed not only for carrying your baby around but also promotes breastfeeding. It is also very helpful to relieve baby colics and specially indicated for those moms who find difficulties by wearing an elastic babywrap.
The Amarsupiel T-shirt is manufactured exclusively for Amarsupiel in Spain with a technical cotton fabric with Oekotex certification, which guarantees that the textile is free of toxins and heavy metals. The baby carrying and breastfeeding t-shirt is indicated for babies from 2.5kg to 9kg. You can find it in two different colours ecru or black.
Description of the Amarsupiel babycarrier t-shirt
The Amarsupiel baby carrying shirt has a whole technology behind it, which is reflected in its design and material, offering safety and ensuring the ergonomic posture of the baby. The cotton fabric has a slight percentage of spandex, that provides great comfort when placing the baby in and gives him a wonderful feeling of "back to the uterus" safely. It is important to chose the appropriate size so that the shirt fulfills its ergonomic and safe function. In our website you can find an indicative size guide that would help you to chose the right one. While trying the shirtthe feeling should be as if you were wearing a leggin: very firm but without being annoying.
Amarsupiel baby carrier t-shirt benefits
Amarsupiel carrying shirts are one of the most beneficial methods to strengthen bonds between parents and babies. Babies want to feel warm, protected, and nourished. While carrying, you can meet all these important needs for your baby's development at all levels and promoting a correct bone and muscular development. By adjusting both width and height, our Top seller baby carrier can adapt perfectly to your child's body, being a 100% ergonomic baby carrier. It also has a soft padding in the hamstring area to offer a better comfort.
Amarsupiel baby carrier t-shirts are also designed for the porter, that's why we reinforce strategic areas on the back, shoulders and hips to ensure an equal distribution of the baby's weight. It also has side openings to allow the baby to be taken out and offer the breast without having to remove the garment.
How to buy Amarsupiel baby carrying shirts
Choosing the right size is vital for the correct use of our baby carriers. To do so you can consult the table of measurements on the web, below the product images. It is very important that Amarsupiel t-shirt fits tightly to your body and your baby's body. If you acquire an incorrect size, you will not be able to wear the shirt ergonomically and it is very important that you wear it in the correct way.
We also recommend you to watch the tutorial video to learn how to place it in a totally ergonomic way.
We are proud to comment that our textiles have now new quality certifications:
GRS, Global Recycling Standard. That guarantees the recycled content of our textiles, as well as responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in their production.
OEKOTEX STANDARD 100: we guarantee human-environmental safety in the use of chemical products for the manufacture of Amarsupiel fabrics.
GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD: Certified organic cotton on cotton canvas of all our baby carriers.
SO 9001: 2012 for an effective quality management system.
Finally, remember that all Amarsupiel babycarriers comply with the European Standard UNE-EN 13209-1: 2005 06. That they are products manufactured entirely in Spain, both their gender and their production and that they advocate a fair price for the parties in all their processes.
IMPORTANT: To ensure Its correct use, We recomend you to watch the tutorial videoChrysalis Tutorial Video
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